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Karlsson out…Cooke should be out as well for dirty check

Time to stop this nonsense. Cooke checked his man and then finished up a clean check with a dirty move. A dirty move that could have finished a young hockey stars career. A dirty move by a dirty player.  Am I the only one who feels that Cooke was and still is a dirty player and, no matter how much he and his supporters profess that he has changed, last nights dirty move proves he has not. If he had of stopped at the clean check, I wouldn’t be blogging. Here’s the dirty part, Cookes knee comes up after the initial check, and he drives it into Karlssons right hip which put Cookes skate up in the air and in a dangerous position and look what happened. One dirty little move on Cooked behalf and a promising young players career is put at risk. Karlsson and the game of hockey deserves better. I have no objection to fighting, after all these are young men playing a high stake game and tempers will flare…but dirty hockey and dirty players need to be stopped. Especially when it’s so close to the end of the period come on! I have no power to fix this crap…so I can only hope that those with the power to do something about this issue do. And soon, before a dirty players dirty move kills someone. This is not how hockey should be played. Just watch it in slow motion…the dirty move is very apparent and should be addressed…not shrugged off like it seems to be. Karlsson is a great young player whose future was bright until some asshole dirty player who can’t control his inner urge to play dirty is allowed to play dirty and get away with it. A hockey player must be in control of his stick and skates at all times, Bottom line, if Cooke had of settled for making the clean check and carried on with the game all would have find but no, Cooke had to end his check with a sleazy cheap trick. And he got away with it which is why I say that Cooke should be kicked out for the rest of the season as well. Hockey is a game not a venue for childish games If the powers that be won’t address this issue I guess I’ll just have to wait for Karma to deal with Cooke.